Growing up, I have always been an introvert. I was that kid that sat on the side lines watching everything around me. I enjoy observing the intricate details of life - the color, the smell, the personality, how people move in it, etc. As I got older, that joy in details grew into an admiration for photography and the ability to tell a story in a single snap shot. So whenever I get a free moment to pick up my camera, I do it! It's been a long time coming, but I am officially done with school (FOREVER, woot woot)! I'm a full time sonographer, working two jobs, trying to balance my career and my love for photography. I spend all day imaging people's insides and during my spare time I like to image people's outside :) Photography is one of my favorite past times, but with only so many hours in a day, it remains my hobby. Thus, I will be available for limited portrait sessions.

That's a little about me... now, tell me about you! I look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Le Family

I love these people. Jacob is the closest thing I have to a nephew and I adore him. I've watch him grow up the last three years and he has become quite the little man. He can count to ten in 4.5 languages! .5 because I haven't quite finished teaching him the Greek numbers! He has natural musical abilities, just like his mom, my cousin, Lilly; and has a sarcastic humor like his dad, Tommy. Together they make such a beautiful family.

Love you guys!

Jacob just discovered how fun it is to put his hands in his pocket... makes him look preppy :)

Boys are funny aren't they? Just compare this to the picture of Melia and her parents!

Jacob posing and chewing his candy at the same time... and of course, hands in the pocket.

This was fun you guys! Let's do it again soon.


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