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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Second Anniversary | Personal

I've had my blog up for several months now and every now and then I'll talk about Chris, my husband, but I don't think I ever wrote about us, how we met, and what our married life is like.

So, for y'alls that don't know, Chris and I met back in 2002 when I wasn't in any mood to meet a new boy... isn't that always how it happens? I just got back from Hawaii with some friends, swore off boys, but decided to go out on a random night. I went to go see Austin Powers, Gold Member. It was there that I met the Mr. There he was, tall, Greek, and handsome, dressed in his semi baggy button up short sleeve shirt, with semi baggy jeans, and some sort of Timberlands. He definitely left an impression! I left that "blind date" thinking, this guy is something else. To give you an example, this is what he did: I sat down next to him in the theater and he proceeds to give my leg a BIG slap and say, "wassssup girl?!" I was like, dude... what's your deal? It was kind of funny.

Soon after that first date we got a hold of each other via phone and started the courtship. We talked almost everyday for 5.5 years until we finally got hitched.

Our wedding day was perfect-- even with the minor hiccups (i.e. Chris losing his car keys the night before and had to go to LA in my car to get his spare key... to go back to OC to get his car and then back to LA to sleep). Why wouldn't he just stay in OC you ask? Well, he wanted to sleep in his own bed... for the last time, I suppose.

Our wedding day was filled with love and that hearty family feeling when you think about Greeks. Add my side to the mix and you get a full on Greek-namese experience.

Flash forward two years and here we are today... We celebrated it a few days early because we knew that today was going to be a busy day. Oh, and busy it was! So much so that I kept forgetting that it was today!

Thank you hun for giving up your bachelorhood for me :) I look forward to our life together, our future family, and wheeling each other around on our wheelchairs :)

Originally I wanted to just post a few pictures, but I started to relive that day and wanted to share more... that and because I love my photographer, Sarah K. Chen. She is the most talented photographer I know! If you haven't booked anyone for your big day yet, Sarah is your girl!

Sarah, I hope you don't mind me posting these!
(All photos taken by Sarah K. Chen)

We had our own version of the Vietnamese tea ceremony, customized to fit our needs :) More than anything, it was a time for both sides of the family to formally meet.

Then we were off to the lab for our photo op.

A little something in your teeth...

We were so lucky to have the lush lavendar filled trees as a back drop.
Don't mind Chris, he's burnt out from his lack of sleep.

Always yawning!

Then there's this picture... super cute, but little do you know that he slipped me the tongue after this--and not in a sexy way!

Love the symbolism in this picture... notice the chain by his leg? Perfection!

Me and MOH 1: Rachel

Me and MOH 2: Catherine

Then we were off to our intimate, backyard ceremony.

Chris' dad got all paparazzi on us!

And then there's this. Chris accidentally ordered the ring too small, but it was too late to do anything about it... Instead, he blamed it on his salt intake at breakfast...

Oh yeah, he spat on it...for comic relief.

Sealed the deal.

Not to brag, but I had the most gorgeous flower girls!

And here's our little Melia... a princess in the making.

My groom.

Then an afternoon reception at the beautiful Villa.

One of my favorite moments of the day was when Chris' dad tried to make a speech, but got choked up. The best part of it was that my mother in law pulled herself together to finish his thoughts. What a great team! It was so sweet.

Then it was a duel between the boys and the girls; who can give the best speech. Well, girls win, hands down. I mean, they had a friggin power point presentation on our "love-o-meter!"

Rachel, fist pumping because she knew they killed it!

Cake cutting.

I know you can't see it, but Chris just fed me a piece of cake the size of Kansas. Come to find out, he only did that because he thought he was scooping his own cake. LOL. Too bad I fed him an ity bity piece.

The guys attempted to do a little Greek dancing, but it didn't last very long...

The day couldn't have gone any more smoothly. Kerrie of Platinum Weddings did an amazing job keeping me calm when things didn't quite work according to planned!

Well folks, that's all she wrote! Happy Anniversary Hun!


  1. Awwwwe. How cuuuuute. hehee. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved looking at your wedding pics again! Thanks for having us be part of your special day :) Happy anniversary!! Love, Liz and Pete

  3. You guys are going to make some gorgeous kids!

  4. Love this peek at your wedding day, so fun & sweet!

  5. Happy 2nd Anniversary to you two!! XOXO!

  6. that purple tree is amazing!!

  7. Your wedding was beautiful Crystal!!! I especially liked your cake. I always Yawn when I'm nervous, maybe Chris does the same.