Growing up, I have always been an introvert. I was that kid that sat on the side lines watching everything around me. I enjoy observing the intricate details of life - the color, the smell, the personality, how people move in it, etc. As I got older, that joy in details grew into an admiration for photography and the ability to tell a story in a single snap shot. So whenever I get a free moment to pick up my camera, I do it! It's been a long time coming, but I am officially done with school (FOREVER, woot woot)! I'm a full time sonographer, working two jobs, trying to balance my career and my love for photography. I spend all day imaging people's insides and during my spare time I like to image people's outside :) Photography is one of my favorite past times, but with only so many hours in a day, it remains my hobby. Thus, I will be available for limited portrait sessions.

That's a little about me... now, tell me about you! I look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Milk With Sweet Melia

Last week we had a Mamoulelis family dinner at MILK. I've always seen this place and always heard about it, but never tried it...until now. We all started off with a hot pressed sandwich (no picture, because we dug in before I could whip out my camera), which was delicious, but a little pricey... I'd rather eat at Urth Cafe and then come here for dessert. Their ice creams were good and the shakes were better! Chris got the Banana Dolce Leche with Peanut... mmm-mm-mmmm. So good. Melodie got the Ooyie Googyie Chocolate Sunday with coconut ice cream and I got an ice cream sandwich. I'd have to say, I wasn't that impressed with my personalized ice cream sandwich. I was however, blown away by the ooyie gooyie. So much so, that I went back there today and got one myself!

Man, after next week I think I have to seriously consider detoxing. I've been eating like a queen. Last week alone I went to Milk, El Compadre, Spitz, Jar, Fukada, and Craft. This week I have another trip to Jar (due to dineLA)... Oye.

I told Chris to give me a "sexy" look. Hahah. I'm kidding. This is the look of total and utter remorse after drinking the shake, eating a salad/sandwich, and eating part of my ice cream sandwich, and Mel's sundae!

The bug was there too and it was almost as if her mom planned out her outfit! Her shirt is a picture of the cookie monster and on it it says, "Me did it all for the cookies!" Super cute.

I'm always amazed at how much she is growing. Can't we freeze time and enjoy them as toddlers? Too much to ask for?

Here's Melia picking out her dessert.

This one is so precious!

Kissies for mommy!


  1. How lucky am I to have someone capture Melia's innocence...Love you!!!

  2. jealous of your eateries! and i love how you captured the reflection while melia was picking out her treats! she's so beautiful!