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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Henry and Helen | Wedding

Another beautiful day in Southern California; another beautiful wedding!

I met Henry and Helen a few years ago through Fayth of Three Petals. Years later, they contacted me to photograph their simple and traditional wedding this past November. How awesome! Over the summer we did an engagement session down in Balboa... what a mistake that was to go down there in the middle of summer! We were stuck in traffic for an eternity! Thank goodness Helen and Henry were good sports and are totally laid back.

Their wedding was a traditional, traditional Vietnamese wedding. I say that because I learned a lot about what I did wrong at my own wedding! It was great though. We all laughed about the "rules" and how much we didn't know about a traditional tea ceremony.

We started out at the bride's house, waiting for the groom to come with his entourage and all of the goodies :)

To start things off, here's Peanut. I think he knew something was going on...

Here he is on Helen's dress saying, "don't go mommy!"

As tradition goes, the groom and his family gather at his house and with the gifts, caravan to the house of the bride's family. Once they arrive at the house, they have to line up and make a procession into the bride's house. Then after the presentation of the gifts, the bride is united with her groom and then they ask for their ancestors' blessing as well as recieving blessings from the family.

I think the groomsmen got a little distracted. Either that or they were slacking :)

And then we were off! Helen and Henry were off to continue the tea ceremony at the groom's house.

...Or so we thought. See, the groom is to "pick-up" his new wife from her family's house and bring her back to his. Anyway, they were pulled back to take some family photos before leaving the house, but tradition says that when you leave, you can't look back... So Henry and Helen did a little rewind and walked backwards back to the house. That was hilarious!

And now we're at the groom's house.

After a short tea ceremony, we took the bridal party to a near by park for some photos and a little fun.

These next few photos are taken by Catherine. Thank goodness I can count on her to help me!

A little sass.

A little kung fu.

And then a little kissy kissy.

Then, our last stop...to Mon Cheri for the reception. Mon Cheri is a simple Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant that got a little make over with the help of Three Petals. Three Petals did an amazing job, on a minium budget.

After a few fun games, the night was over...

Congratulaions to you both!

If you want to see the slide show from their wedding, you can do so, here.


  1. They're wedding was so fun and it totally looks like it in the photos! They're so sweet!

  2. Yeah, I liked spending time with them and the bridal party. They were so laid back and fun!

    Thanks for your help! Couldn't do it without you!

  3. I love it! You girls rock! Too bad "Peanut" look the cutest.. :P

  4. OMG, Henry and Helen wedding was charming. These photos have given me goose bumps because I also am going to tie the knot soon with my handsome prince. At one of the wedding venues NYC we would be having a fairy themed ceremony. Most of the arrangements are completed. The planner that we have hired is very fast, experienced and helpful.